About Me

Photo : Rebekah Hartnett

Welcome¬†to Living With Roxy! I am so excited to launch my¬†website and to share my journey with all of you. These welcome posts always come across cheesy to me! From following me, you will see that I am an extremely honest and forward person so I don’t want to come across as generic.

I became a Life Coach because I know what it is like to experience hardships while feeling totally alone, but now I have learned how to be there for myself and how to listen to others without judgement.This is something I now want to share with you. In my blogs I will talk about my life and topics that are important to me.

I will always give my honest opinion,it might not be the popular opinion but it will be mine. I am here to laugh, love, grow and enjoy life. I love talking to new people, hearing their views and opening my mind to different thoughts. So please get involved!

I look forward to hearing from all of you, and seeing how we grow together from here.

Roxy Xx