How to go vegan.

Hello Everyone. 

I’m Back! Life changed dramatically, I’ve needed time to adapt. Now I am in a really good place. Oscar (my cat) has adapted to living in the country, is able to walk again and is loving his life ❤ Celebrated my 30th Birthday with some AMAZING Vegan Carrot cake. Met a wonderful man. Few months into our relationship he came to me asking more about veganism. Slowly he went vegetarian. Then we watched Lucent together. Now we are both vegan. 🙂 

He has encouraged me to take this forum in a new direction. In future I will be posting more blog style updates, talking about veganism, how one can make easy switches. How to tell family and friends. Where to find products not tested on animals. I am also starting to take part in vegan activism. Cubes of truth, vigils etc. Sharing with you what it involves, the emotion behind it and how rewarding I am sure it is going to feel.

If there is anything you would like me to discuss, please feel free to send in questions. Soon I hope to be doing YouTube videos. Check out my Instagram where I will post pictures / videos of food, activism, farming agriculture and more.

To watch Lucent click here

Until the next post, live, laugh, love, try vegan! 

Roxy x


5 thoughts on “How to go vegan.

  1. Hi, Roxy! Great to hear from you. I have been slipping back into occasional dairy and way too much oil. Your blog post has encouraged me to renew my commitment. So glad to read that you are well and happy! Lots of love,

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    1. Hey Sweetie 🙂 SO GOOD to hear from you. How have you been?. It is really easy to slip back into old habits. If it feels like too much too soon, focus on cutting out dairy first, then the oil.. My brain says “as long as it’s vegan, don’t worry about the calories too much” 🙂 x


  2. Some time ago, in an attempt to gauge an objective view on this topic, I came across another blog under the title and author ID of: “my break-up with veganism … I’m now an ex-vegan. _. Erika Awakening” Her article, followed by voluminous readers’ feedback, to most of whom she replies, speak for themselves. My interest/curiosity stemmed from the experiences of someone I knew of back in the early noughties (not sure if she’s still with us).


    1. I have not heard of her. I shall check her out.I always felt conflict that I love animals yet I ate them.. Then I watched Earthlings (Free on YouTube) Right then and there I vowed to go vegan. 4 days before my birthday, left my family eat my cake and I ate a packet of oreo’s 🙂


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