Thank you for loving us.

I have been left overwhelemed by all the love and support my cat Oscar and I have recieved over the last few weeks.

I found Oscar three years ago abandoned at the side of the road. He was only four weeks old. I took him in and we have looked after each other ever since. If you have never heard of Emotional Support Pet, they provide comfort and support in forms of affection and companionship for an individual suffering from various mental and emotional conditions. I feel like that is what Oscar is to me, he is much more than a pet, I am not his owner, but his guardian.

Oscar has had a rough few weeks. From getting his tooth removed, to going missing. While he was missing I was beside myself. I didn’t know what to do. My friends did everything from comfort me, to desgining and printing up posters, to walking around the City with me to see if we could find him, and the poster for facebook got over seventy shares. Everyone sent love and best wishes. Few days later, Oscar returned. He was missing becuase he got injured by a car.. He lost the skin from his front left paw pad and currently both his back legs have no skin, they are raw to his tendons. He will need bandages changed every three days, pain relief and will be healing over the next month. His lower back is also damaged, but we are hoping it is a trapped nerve and nothing more serious, or he will need a CRT scan. For now he is still at the veterinary clinic staying in their cattery as they nurse him back to be strong enough to come home.

Between his tooth and all the treatment he is currently receiving the cost will be coming close to €1,000 and that is without the CRT scan. Money is tight for everyone these days and I was stressing out wondering how I could afford this as my savings are low because I am in the start up months of my own business. Then my wonderful friends who have been supporting me from the very start and have heard of nothing but Oscar from me over the last three weeks, told me to set up a Go Fund Me page for him. They have donated money on top of everything else, when I feel it would be justified for them to tell me “Shut up about the cat”, instead they keep supporting. Some people I have never met, but would know from online even dipped into their wallet. I am in shock.

We tend to focus on the negative these days, the news is full of death, stabbings, shootings, general acts of violence. Yes these things are happening but that does not mean there isn’t any good in the world. My friends are proof that Good, Love, Peace and Kindness still exist. It’s time to write stories about the positive things happening. Whatever you chose to focus on will grow, the more acts of kindness you hear about, the more likely you are to do those act’s yourself. Love will always win.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us over the last few weeks. I am forever grateful. Thank you for loving us. xxx


If you would like to support Oscar, We would be extremely grateful.

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