She threw away all of her masks, and put on her Soul..

In my last post I talk about taking off that happy mask we show the world. Not to pretend anymore. To be unapologetically you, flaws and all. I have started doing it myself and it is incredibly freeing.

Recently I started a YouTube Channel. In it I talk about my weight gain, my struggles with eating disorders and self esteem. I am doing the videos with little to no make up, to show the world what real faces look like before all that contouring, highlighting and professional lighting. When we look at magazines we see women that do not exist, because even that model does not look like the finished image. It’s okay to have lines coming in, its natural to have bags under your eyes if you are tired, poor skin if you are neglecting skin care and to have your eyebrows miss matched when its time to get them done again.

My first video I step on the scales and show my weight gain. I have not been this heavy in 9 years and the gain has been from stress, emotional eating and binge eating. Sharing my struggle will help me feel less alone and I hope it reaches others who are struggling too so that they don’t feel alone or ashamed. Every video will show the food I ate that day, and I discuss various topics that come to mind. From Relationships to addiction.

I am 29 years old. I have no idea what I am doing, or where I am going but I am looking forward to the journey and sharing it all with you, the highs and the lows. Thank you all for the support you give me. I am forever grateful.

~Love Roxy


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