To be a promoter I must be fake?

Social media is a double edged sword. On one hand we get to connect with people we may never meet if it wasn’t for the internet. It also for some reason gives some people this illusion that it is right to message a random person and give your judgement of their life. I received the most passive aggressive, cocky, judgemental text aimed at shaming me for drinking a can of Monster. The person said that “He thought I was a health nut, no serious person that trains drinks that stuff and that I was a bad influence on people”. Ammm… Okay. Thanks for that. I will now change who I am to fit your requirements of how I should be.
If you follow me on any social media, I want you to know that I am not promoting anything other than being who you are. I share snaps of my workouts, the food I eat and what I drink, but what I am sharing is who I am. From being open about my eating disorder, to family issues and working on my self confidence, you guys get to see a real person going through life and saying “It is okay to struggle it makes you stronger, it is okay to cry, it makes you grow. It is okay to eat and drink what you like, it is your body and no eating disorder and sure as hell no person can tell you how to live”.  Disclaimer, I also don’t wear glasses and those bunny ears aren’t real. 😉 x
I am not about to stand in front of a camera and take a picture of myself drinking a green smoothie, only to put it down and drink an energy drink when no one can see. That is what is wrong with the fitness industry in the first place. People promoting products they have never used or consumed to trick the public into buying it and making a quick buck. Most importantly, I am not changing who I am for anyone. Don’t let anyone shame you for being who you are. In a world full of fake people, be real. Maybe the person messaging me wanted a can himself, but pressure from people he is surround by means that he wont consume one in fear of “not being as good as them”. Whatever possessed  him to send that message, screams to me that his judgement and limitations he tried to push on me is the judgement and limitations he has put on himself. You don’t see me chasing after smokers shouting CANCER STICKS. I simply don’t smoke. None of my business what anyone else does with their life.
I’m going to end this post but before I go, I want to stress again, I DO NOT promote anything other than being the REAL you, fearlessly and unapologetically YOU. Eat, drink, smoke, train, be lazy. Do whatever it is that makes you happy!
Love you all,
Roxy xxx

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