Who says you are not beautiful?

Every day we are bombarded with images and what social media says is beautiful. I have always wondered who sets these standards? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then why does one eye get to tell the others what is beautiful and what isn’t? Even if you don’t buy magazines, you can see billboards, posters pushing products such as perfume and fashion. Every female magazine seems to have at least one diet in it, and talks about what celebrities eat and “how to be like them”. What is wrong with being you? We are all unique. There will never be another us. Why are we trying to get rid of that person? What good is being a copy?.

I work in a health store where we sell both male and female fitness magazines. I gave up looking at the female one. Every single issue has a calorie restricted diet. It talks about going for walks and gentle exercise. Then at the back “ouuu look a recipe for cake”, Really? While the male magazine promotes big eating and hard training. It’s diets are full of carbohydrates for energy, weight lifting for strength and even sometimes recipes for healthy deserts. Fabulous! So why do the men get that but women are told to eat less and walk? Because society says we need to be dainty and fragile while men get to be big and strong.

Slimming tablets, meal replacements, fat burners and calorie restricted diets are mostly aimed at women. They show a woman on a box that is the “Ideal image”. A woman who probably doesn’t use said product. Nowhere on the box does it say that these products can cause serious side effects. Some can effect your insulin levels. If you damage your insulin levels it can in turn effect your thyroid. An underactive thyroid needs life long medication and makes it difficult to lose weight and even easier to gain it. Tablets can also effect your heart, hormones and if it has any laxative effect it can damage your colon. Leading to laxative dependency, colon cancer and a whole range of other problems. Meal replacements are the worst. There is one product out there that encourages you to consume three shakes a day totalling 425 calories (less that an infant needs) and then recommends you exercise. I have never in my life been so sickened by a product. The person doing this could faint or black out. What if they were driving a car, what if they are a mother driving a car with the children in the back? It is scary to think. Restricting your calories that much will result in rapid weight loss. First water weight, then some actual weight. Thing is, once you go off those shakes and start eating like a regular person again you will gain the weight back, you will feel like a failure and return to those shakes but by then there already has been damage to your metabolism. It will be even harder to lose the weight you have gained back. These products don’t care about your health and they definitely don’t want you to succeed on your own afterwards, then their sales would drop. They depend on you getting hooked on them.

All these products do is promote starvation. You go for as long as you can then you break down and binge. No one binges on fruit. You’ve just starved yourself for a month, beep bop boop Dominos Pizza how may I help you? It is a vicious cycle and one where you will never find happiness. In a world when children already dress like adults and adults try eat like children we don’t even realise what the media is doing to us. Whatever image we have, we want something else. I encourage you to get out a pen and paper. Write down five things you like about yourself that has nothing to do with how you look. Read that out loud to yourself several times every day. Our worthiness does not come from the mirror or from others opinions. If you want to become more fit and healthy they are natural products out there that will help you and do not effect your body in a negative way. They do not require you to be on them for life. They are aids while you make the transition. Become healthy for your insides not your outsides.

Until tomorrow, keep talking, keep breaking the silence ~ Love Roxy.

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