Break the Silence. Break the Stigma.

Feb 27th – 5th March is eating disorder awareness week Ireland.

This is a very important week for me. I will be blogging everyday on Facebook: livingwithroxy.  If any of you have questions please PM me. It will help me structure my posts and talk about topics most misunderstood. All names will be kept private. Break the silence. Break the stigma.

I chose to post on Facebook as daily posts seems too much for this site, but if you would like me to post here too, please let me know. Thank you for the ongoing support. Together we can raise awareness. Every voice can be heard and every voice makes a difference.

Eating disorders, the mental, emotional illness that surprisingly is more similar to depression and suicide and not as image based as non suffers would think.


One thought on “Break the Silence. Break the Stigma.

  1. I think it would be good to post here as a permanent resource for people seeking help or inspiration. Sadly the posts on Facebook will get all too quickly lost in the maelstrom of feed. Good for promoting each blog post though!


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