Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.

Hello everyone 🙂
As you know I am a very honest person so I have no problem telling you this is the fourth time I have sat down to write this post. It’s about someone very special in my life. My Bother. I want to do him proud. I do not think I could speak highly enough of him but as I sit here trying to think of how to phrase everything professionally and elegantly, a massive sigh comes over me. That way of speaking simply isn’t me. This is what I had begun to write:
“Some of you might already know Daniel from Daniel’s View page on Facebook, but what you might not know is that this wonderful photographer is also my brother. Residing in West Cork, Daniel has an eye that allows him to see the beauty in the ordinary. He captures it not with fancy cameras or lenses but on his mobile phone, a Nokia 515 none the less. Every day he posts pictures from nature to boats to buildings, anything that catches his eye.
All my life my brother has been big into taking photos. He has a million embarrassing (but beautifully taken) images of me as a child. Nowadays people say to put the phone down and enjoy them moment. My brother can do both. Every birthday and Christmas he is our photographer”.
Bla, Bla, Bla, boring to read right? *Eye Roll*
This is not a professional blog post. This is me wanting to share some of my brothers photos with you all because I love them and him so much. My brother is the best. These photos are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen and they are taken with an old phone, not a new fancy iPhone. That takes real skill. Skill my Brother has. Gloat, Gloat, Gloat. I am a proud little Sister. Go check out his Facebook page.
Love Roxy xxx

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