If everyone likes you, you are being fake


Growing up I always wanted everyone to like me. I would do whatever I thought I needed to do to be the best friend to everyone else. I would act one way around certain people and another way around others. I got so good and figuring out who they were, I never knew who I was until a year ago! Yes, I spent 27 years not fulling knowing who the real Roxy is. Today I do and even though some people wouldn’t want to be my friend, I am my own best friend.

In the past when I would meet someone that everyone seemed to love, I really wanted to get to know that person. What makes them so wonderful and how can I learn from them. Today if I meet someone that no one has anything bad to say about I see a flashing neon sign that says “Caution”. We live in such a diverse world. Where people have so many different morals, values and ethics. People are going to clash over their opinions. Therefore if you are being true to who you are and what you stand for, people are going to not like you and that is okay.

Why are we so scared of not being accepted. Some people will disagree with us, but others wont. It is not a survival need anymore, for we will never be alone in this modern world. What do you believe in? What do you stand for? Stop dulling your sparkle. The essence that is you. I like seeing people filled with passion and opinions. Someone who can make up their own mind and doesn’t simply follow the crowd. Even if our opinions differ, I’d rather have a debate with someone passionate than have someone agree with me but show no interest. Of course I am not saying go out there and make enemies , I am just saying “If someone doesn’t like you, smile. It means you stand for something”.

Love & Hugs,  

Roxy Xx

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