You Are More Than What You See In The Mirror


What was your New Years resolution?. What is always the number one resolution?.. That’s right, To loose weight.

Have you ever told yourself “I’ll start on Monday” and then proceed to eat everything in the house? “Well I bought it and I don’t want to waste money” “I can eat all I want right now and come Monday I’ll never eat this again” “If I eat it all, and it’s gone form the house, I simply wont buy it again and it wont be there for me to eat any more”. Monday rolls around and you have some fruit and maybe porridge for breakfast. Lunch time comes and after sipping water all day, you sit down to the saddest looking salad you have ever laid your eyes on, while seeing someone else eating something you love and you just want to grab it out of their hands and shove it in your face. You get home after a long day, cold and miserable, because its January in Ireland, or hell, it’s just Ireland. You make a cup of tea, cause you need it to get you strength as you go cook some plain chicken with vegetables, (probably broccoli) and serve it with some rice, or potatoes. You sit there contemplating your entire life. You might do this one day, you might even last until Friday but then HELLO WEEKEND lets get a takeaway and have a few drinks. Feeling like crap the following Monday you decide you are going to join a gym. You pay out few hundred euro, buy Penny’s latest fashion, bright colours and hit the gym running. You exercise harder than you have ever exercised before and you leave the gym feeling like a Goddess. The next morning you are GLUED to the bed, “My body is broken, I can’t do today” you say as you hobble out of bed and waddle for the day. Come March your greatest intensions have gone out the window and you feel like you have failed, that this is your life’s struggle and you will never have the body you want. This leads to slimming tablets, and slimming shakes to get that ‘Bikini Body”, and before you know it, it’s Christmas time again, and not just because decorations come out in September!

I know this only too well because for years this is how I lived. The fat girl. The fat friend. Sadly I went about things the wrong way and developed anorexia. It nearly killed me. I exercised three hours a day and ate less than a new born. I couldn’t sit on wooden chairs or take a bath because my bones hurt. I was afraid of going out to meet friends in case I had to go for a meal or have cinema popcorn. I hated my body more than ever. Until you emotionally heal what is hurting you inside you will never be happy with what is outside because you have decided you are a failure and you are now your own biggest bully.

You have not failed. You have found many ways that do not work for you, and you are one step closer to finding what does.! I fully believe that once we know what is eating us, we stop emotionally eating. We stop giving food power. We claim our power and our life back. I have struggled since I was 8 years old. As said above, I’ve been the fat one and I have suffered with anorexia. Today I have learned how to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I have walked the talk. I understand and I hold no judgements towards anyone. It is why I went on to study nutrition, positive psychology and become a personal trainer. I want to help people avoid the hell I put myself through. Nothing is more important that your health and your self esteem. If you have a busy work week, I can meet you at the weekend. Invest the time in yourself. This year make the resolution stick, because you handle it emotionally, not just physically.

Find the freedom within yourself and you will never have to make this resolution again.

I believe in you. ~ Roxy Xx

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