World Vegan Day! My Thoughts

Today is World Vegan Day!


I had wanted to be vegan for a long time. Partly because I thought it would help me lose weight. I tried several times and always failed because I was under eating and missed the taste of meat.

I watched a documentary called Earthling’s by Shaun Monson narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. It is about humanity’s use of animals. Produced in a very informative and graphic way. In it they show you the truth behind the meat, dairy, fish, leather, fur and animal testing industries. Nothing is drawn out and they keep your attention throughout. I cried my heart and soul out and went vegan there and then. My birthday was 4 days later and I had a packet of Oreo’s instead of my cake. Over the coming weeks I found all my alternatives. Whatever animal product you like, there is a vegan version and nothing had to die in order for you to eat.

Watch Earthlings Film Here πŸ™‚

At first I was very angry. I felt lied to my entire life. I thought of all the suffering that occurred because of me. I did lash out at non-vegans. Something I have now learned to do less of. I am not perfect and sometimes when a story really gets to me, I still get angry because I know I can’t stop all the suffering. All I can do is my part and someday’s that isn’t enough for me. I do believe humans cause all suffering in this world. From wars to hunting, racism to meat eating etc. But I also know hurt people, hurt people.

I ate meat for 26 years so who am I to judge others? I strongly believe you can’t shame anyone into changing. It does the world more good to promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. Instead of ranting to my friends about the evils of the dairy industry, if I am enjoying my coconut ice-cream or vegan chocolate I get excited and say “Oh my God, you have to try some!”. That way maybe they do buy dairy ice-cream still, but every now and then they might get the coconut one and to me, every meal counts. You also don’t have to go vegan over night like I did.Do it in stages. Replace one food item at a time. Honestly I went plant based over night not vegan. Vegan means you also don’t use anything that was tested on, or is made from animals.

It took longer for me to find make-up, hair dye, toiletries etc. I do believe everyone should be educated. I believe every living soul loves and feels.. We are all equal. That includes no hate for meat eaters and also no hate for vegans. There is a stigma that all vegans are judge-mental and preachy, and I can tell you that I have never been more judged on anything than my veganism. All of a sudden everyone is a nutritionist and even though I work in a health store, am a qualified personal trainer, and did nutrition, I still have people telling me why I “HAVE to eat meat”.

It’s been two years, I’m still alive and healthier than ever. So yes preaching goes both ways. All I say is please be educated at the very least.

I attached a link to the Earthlings movie above and I would also suggest the films Vegucated, Fork Over Knives and Cowspiracy!

Roxy Xx




2 thoughts on “World Vegan Day! My Thoughts

    1. I know! I only found out 2 years ago πŸ™‚ Perfect excuse to throw a get together with loads of yummy vegan food and invite non vegans over so they can see they miss out on nothing by going vegan xxxx


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