Putting Yourself Back Together


To have the life you want, you must first put the man back together.

What have you wanted from life but at one time or another someone told you, you couldn’t have it, couldn’t achieve it. What is buried deep, deep inside of you dying
to come out? You see we don’t always get what we want in life but we always get our standards. The quality of your life comes for your actions, your beliefs.

I heard a wonderful story last week; A Father sits at the table, reading his paper and enjoying his morning coffee when his son runs in excited to spend the
day doing Father and Son activities. The Father wanting a few more minutes to himself takes a page from his paper. On it was a picture of the world. He tears it into
20+ pieces and said to his son, “once you put this picture back together we will head out for the day”. Thinking he would have more time to himself, he goes back
reading his paper. Shortly after his son calls him and says “Daddy I’m done”, in amazement the Father asks how he finished it so fast. The boy replied:
“A piece of paper fell to the floor and I noticed on the other side was a picture of a man. I turned the pieces around, and I put the man back together”. You see,
when you put yourself together, the world has no choice but to fall into place.

What story are you telling yourself that is holding you back? Stand up to your inner critic because once you silence the critic within, the critics outside can do you
no harm. Whatever life you want, wanting it is not enough. You have to believe you can have it, believe you deserve it. You have to wake up every day and work for it.
When you get tired you need to remember that what you are doing in that moment will change you into the person you are looking to become and shaping the future you
are looking for.

Everyday is a new day. Every moment is a new moment. Live the life you want because you have been living the life you don’t want for too long..

One thought on “Putting Yourself Back Together

  1. Loved reading the above! Read your world vegan day one first. Im just at the other side of a rough day with the b/friend so maybe im a little bit vulnerable/impressionable. Or maybe Im just vulnerable/impressionable! Judgement aside(as you suggest) I certainly feel rather confused these days in many ways. So perhaps it’s your sheer conviction that makes me ‘smile inside, and cry outside’. I understand that your posts are both narrative & motivational. At least that’s how I experience them. There is no doubt that in my life that I am searching – unconsciously perhaps – for something to grab me, something I know is meant ‘just for me’. I have dabbled in quite a few things & enjoyed everything to one degree or another and have felt free again in some ways though not all. Through reading your post I recognise that feeling of being free, and able to do the great things that you want to do. In my life now I have decided to share it with my b/friend. It is the newest ans sometimes scariest choice I feel I have made. I don’t make our relationship a betterment project but within it I am feeling feelings that alone I did not even know existed. That, and I am learning about how different people can be(which is also learning about ‘me’!, how I fit in etc). I am fascinated by people but I am also sensitive to being one in a world of them:-D I love the ideas of Taht Nhich Hahn. Check him out if you want – he has a lovely soft good humoured message to relate. Xx


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