Jacob’s On The Mall Review

As stated in my bio, I am an honest and genuine person. I do not have a degree in journalism, nor do I have any writing experience. I simply write the way I speak.
This will make my reviews somewhat different to the “norm”! … 

Jacobs on the Mall.

This is my favourite place in all of Cork to dine. When you walk in you are greated by warm and friendly staff, people who genuinely seem to like their job, which makes
a HUGE difference to the service experience. A happy staff creates a happy atmosphere and I for one am always smiling in there, and not just because of the food 🙂


The layout is elegant. They have a lovely booth in the corner that seats six people, perfect for a close group of friends or a family meal out. The menu caters to
everyone. They do fish and steaks etc, but I go there for the vegan menu. A full menu that has four options per course. (No more only being able to have chips and
salads without dressing thank goodness!). They shop local and the menu changes with the seasons. To make it even better (I know you are saying “but Roxy how can it get
any better, shh here I’ll tell you) most options are also gluten free and anything that isn’t can be made gluten free on request. They did this for me with a gorgeous
chocolate dessert for my birthday. I was in heaven! You get all three courses including tea for only €29.95!



It is the only menu where I have tried everything. My favourite dish in the tempura tofu and vegetables. If you haven’t been there before, you need to go there right
now and try everything! Let them know Living with Roxy sent you!

Happy Dining my friends! x

Address: 30 South Mall St, Cork.
Phone: (021) 425 1530 or http://www.jacobsonthemall.com/

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