It’s all about how you look, not what you know.

How many times today have you looked in the mirror? Was there any aspects of your face, hair, body, you tried to “fix” to look more presentable? Have you looked at your stomach, second guessed what to wear and what you were going to have for breakfast. Did breakfast consist of something you wanted to … More It’s all about how you look, not what you know.

New Venture

I am happy to share with you Good News.. From January 4th, I will be taking on new clients.. Not only in person, now also via Skype.. With my move to the countryside I know it is not possible to meet up one on one with everyone.. I also have people outside of Cork contacting … More New Venture

Moving On

Have you ever wanted to drop everything you were doing and leave. Leave work, leave the stress, noise and even some people. Have a fresh start somewhere new. The thought excites you. You smile and bask in the wonderfulness, the endless possibilities that could lie before you. But there is a moment when you get … More Moving On